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Tempers, Yields & Tensiles for Stainless Steel 302 - 347

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Stainless Steel Foot per Lb and other Alloys Calculation

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Comparsion of Resistance between ETP Copper and Stainless Steel Grade 304 & 316

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Stainless Steel Feet per Pound Chart

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Stainless Steel Cross Reference Chart

Stainless Steel Hardness Conversion Chart

Rockwell C Hardness Austentic Steels Chart

Rockwell B Hardness for Non-Austentic Steels, Nickel, Brass and Copper

Rockwell C Hardness for Non-Austentic Steels, Nickel, Brass and Copper

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Chemical Composition of Stainless Steel 300 -400 Series

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Stainless Steel Cable/Rope

Precision Minature and Small Cables Chart

Low-Stretch High-Fatigue Miniature Stainless Steel Cable

FEP Coated Stainless Steel Cable

1 x 19 Non Flexible Breaking Load Chart

7 x 19 Very Flexible Breaking Load Chart

7 x 7 Moderately Flexible Breaking Load Chart

Type I Composition B Non-Jacketed Wire Rope

Type I Composition A Non-Jacketed Wire Rope

Type II Composition B Nylon Jacketed Wire Rope

Type II Composition A Nylon Jacketed Wire Rope

Stainless Steel Rope Quotation

Stainless Steel Alloys

 Stainless Steel Wire 302
 Stainless Steel Wire 304
 Stainless Steel Wire 316
 Stainless Steel Wire 410
 Stainless Steel Wire 412
 Stainless Steel Wire 420
 Stainless Steel Wire 430
 Stainless Steel Wire 434
 Stainless Steel Wire 310
 Stainless Steel Wire 314
 Stainless Steel Wire 317
 Stainless Steel Wire 321
 Stainless Steel Wire 347


 Ultra Fine Stainless Steel Wire
 Stainless Steel Wire
 Stainless Steel Cold Heading Wire
 Stainless Steel EPQ Wire
 Stainless Steel Machining Wire
 Stainless Steel Forming Wire 
 Stainless Steel Spring Wire
 Stainless Steel Cable Rope
 Stainless Steel Alloys
 FEP Coated Stainless Steel cable
 Insulated Stainless Steel Single Wire